Refer a patient to the Audiological Medicine department

Audiovestibular (audiological) medicine is a medical speciality providing diagnosis and management of patients with disorders of hearing and balance. This page includes information about how to refer a patient to the Audiological Medicine department.

How to refer a patient

For an outpatient appointment

As a tertiary care hospital, all children who attend Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) must be referred via local hospital consultants or consultant community paediatricians.

We accept tertiary referrals for children up to 16 years old regarding the following:

  • hearing loss

  • auditory processing disorders

  • bone anchored hearing aids

  • cochlear implants

  • aetiological investigations for hearing loss

  • balance difficulties

Referrals should be made to:

Audiology department
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Great Ormond Street

Inter hospital transfer

Please contact the Audiology department directly on telephone number 020 7813 8430 if the transfer is an emergency (patients that need life or limb saving treatment at GOSH within a few hours), or urgent (patients that need transfer to GOSH but not in the emergency category).

How to get advice

Please contact the audiology department directly:

By telephone: 020 7813 8430

By fax: 020 7813 8108 (fax) 


Key staff


  • Dr Kaukab Rajput, Consultant AudioVestibular Physician

  • Dr Tony Sirimanna, Consultant Audiological Physician.

  • Dr Ewa Raglan, Consultant Audiological Physician. 

  • Dr Raouf Chorbachi, Consultant Audiological Physician.

  • Dr Doris Bamiou, Consultant Audiological Physician


  • James Sharp, Lead Audiologist.

  • Melanie Miller, Audiologist.

  • Brindha Anandanadarajah, Audiologist. 

  • Kalpana Marlaparti, Audiologist.

  • John Veness, Audiologist.

  • Kirsten Ellis, ATO.

Admin office

  • Karen Siret Office Manager/Co-ordinator.

  • Nargis Awan, Medical PA. 

  • Zaina Langley, Medical PA. 

Services and facilities

The team of audiologists, clinical scientists and audiovestibular physicians provide an integrated service. At GOSH we see patients as young as newborns right through to the late teenage years, and accept referrals from within the hospital and from external consultants.

We provide a routine service for the fitting of digital hearing aids, being a second wave site on the NHS national Modernising Hearing Aid Services programme.

In addition, we have developed a number of protocols and contributed to the formulation of several national guidelines for the management of children with the following conditions:

  • Auditory neuropathy/auditory dys-synchrony (designated as a national centre)

  • Auditory Processing Disorders (APD)

  • Balance disorders in children

  • Cochlear implantation

  • Bone anchored hearing aids

  • Management of patients with ototoxicity

Feedback and suggestions

James Sharp 
Lead Audiologist

Audiology department
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Great Ormond Street