Get active!

You may find that television takes up a lot of your time. Many kids spend lots of time watching TV. It’s the same with computer games and the Internet. All the time you’re doing this you are not active. You would actually burn more energy if you were reading a book!

It’s also tempting to sit and eat snacks while you watch your favourite programmes. Especially when you keep seeing adverts for unhealthy drinks and snacks. The chances are the foods you’ll be snacking on are crisps, biscuits, cakes and fizzy drinks!

How to stop being a telly-tubby

  • Get out of the house and go and get some exercise!
  • Pick two or three favourite programmes and only watch these.
  • Don’t keep the television switched on in the background.
  • Find a new hobby you can do at home such as drawing or painting.
  • Don’t have a television or computer in your bedroom.
  • Pull sports stuff out of the cupboard and dust off bike helmets.
  • Put some music on and have a dance about or try karaoke!
  • Ask your parents if you can learn a musical instrument.
 Remember, doing any physical activity is better than sitting in front of a television or computer. It will burn more energy and means it’s not so bad when you have the odd ice cream or bag of sweets.