From 25 March 2019, patients and families will be able to sign up for the new patient portal MyGOSH.

What is MyGOSH?

MyGOSH is a safe and secure online portal that enables children, young people and families to have access to specific parts of the electronic patient record at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). This means everyone can manage their health and care wherever they can get online. MyGOSH will let you:

  • Review and reschedule certain appointments as well as accept earlier appointment offers
  • Look at the health summary – this is taken from your electronic patient record so is always up to date
  • View test results
  • Ask for repeat prescriptions for medication that is only supplied by GOSH
  • Communicate securely with the medical team

How do I sign up for MyGOSH?

Patients and families who want to use MyGOSH will be activated or sent an activation e-mail/SMS during their clinic appointment or inpatient stay. We may also get in touch to offer you the chance to sign up before you come to GOSH for the first time.

You can also email to speak to a member of the MyGOSH team.

How do I access MyGOSH?

Patients and families can access the MyGOSH login page by going to on your PC or by downloading the app onto your mobile device by searching for MyChart, installing the App and selecting MyGOSH, Great Ormond Street, once it is downloaded.

Do I need any special equipment to access MyGOSH?

All you need is a device connected to the internet and an up-to-date version of an internet browser, such as Chrome or Internet Explorer. We also provide an app for mobile devices that should work on most smartphones.

What is the Privacy Policy?

MyGOSH is owned and operated by GOSH so is fully compliant with UK laws governing privacy. Your name and email address are treated as securely as the health information and will never be used to sell you something or passed to an external organisation.

If I want to know more, who do I contact?

Email the team at or speak to your care team.

MyGOSH FAQs (455.53 KB) 

Helpful film explains the MyGOSH basics

If the video is not showing, please watch it on YouTube

MyGOSH patient portal transcript (669.47 KB)