Meet our volunteers

People volunteer at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for many reasons and our volunteers come in all shapes and sizes and from all ages and backgrounds.

Whatever their reason for volunteering, they all love being here and are extremely committed to the Trust.

In a recent poll, 96 per cent of our volunteers said that their time spent in GOSH was extremely rewarding. 100 per cent said they look forward to coming every week and they were enthusiastic about what they do. All of our volunteers also said that they would recommend it to a friend. 

Some people volunteer because it gives them the chance to meet new friends and develop their confidence and socialising skills.  

Volunteers at GOSH

Others volunteer because they have either been a patient or known a patient at the hospital and they want to give something back.

According to surveys by Volunteering England, the top five benefits of volunteering are:

  • "A sense of satisfaction from seeing the results"
  • "I really enjoy it"
  • "It gives me a sense of personal achievement"
  • "Meet people and make friends"
  • "Gives me the chance to do things that I am good at"

Activities Befrienders work on a one-to-one basis with children in the hospital helping with fitness and well-being activities.

Amy and Rosy's story

Pandora's story

Some of our volunteers provide practical and emotional support to patients, families and staff.

Jo, Parent and Patient Support
Sarah, Ward Administrator
Wendy, Lion Ward
Marwa, Play Volunteer
Alison, Ward Host 

Volunteers also help run the Weekend Club activities, arts and crafts, and games in the hospital every weekend.

Radio Lollipop is a combined play and radio service providing care, comfort, play and entertainment for children in the hospital.