Mock Examinations

At Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), we run an MRCPCH mock exam twice a year, which is based on the MRCPCH clinical examination format.You will be able to experience the exam conditions and gain valuable experience on communication skills, history taking, clinical examination, child development assessment and time management.

In preparation for the MRCPCH examinations, we run an internal teaching programme based on the RCPCH curriculum. The teaching involves bedside and small group teaching and runs in the two weeks prior to both the mock and formal RCPCH clinical examinations.

GOSH Current Statistics:

We pride ourselves in being able to assist in the training of our future paediatricians, we accept candidates both internally and worldwide and are proud that over 82% of the doctors who have sat our Mock Exams, go forward to pass the MRCPCH Clinical Examinations.

MRCPCH Statistics

Current MRCPCH Exam Circuit:

Based on the layout of the real exam, below is the structure of how the circuit will run based on 12 candidates taking the mock exams:

MRCPCH Stations

MRCPCH Clinical Exam Structure - Stations

Pricing structure:

Mock Exam Fee
Additional benefits included:Podcasts, Exam Technique, Skills & Tips GOSH (Non-training) – £175

HEE/STP - £450

UK - £500

International - £500
Personalised Feedback Post-Mock Exam GOSH (Non-training) – Free

HEE/STP - £50

UK - £75

International - £75

What Candidates Have Said about our offering:

Very impressive, well done smooth organisation (Organisation)

Great choice of patients (Patients)

Good Breadth (Choice of Stations)

Very professional (Role Play)

Diverse specialities, with good input at feedback session (Examiners)

Brilliant Mock exam, especially given the format has only just recently changed (Feedback)

100% would recommend our mocks to future candidates because:

Mock exams helps to understand the importance of time management, highlights areas and scope for personal improvement.

Good opportunity of exam practice

Very well organised and realistic

Overall it’s a different experience than face to face