Experienced nurses

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Investing in our experienced nurses

Nurses at GOSH have access to a variety of programmes and academic pathways designed to enhance knowledge, skills and expertise. In collaboration with the ward teams we will develop a career development plan to ensure you gain all the skills needed to fulfil your potential.

This might be through academic modules to give you the evidence-based theory behind your nursing interventions and encourage you to become a questioning practitioner, clinical experience in a range of specialist areas to help you marry the theory and the practice aspect of nursing, or via one of our development programmes.

Academic Modules

GOSH is committed to supporting the ambition and career development of its nurses and in collaboration with London Southbank University (LSBU), provides a range of opportunities for continuing education and career development as a postgraduate nurse.

We offer a range of modules for experienced nurses including:

  • Care of the child or young person with a cardiac condition (20 credits)
  • Care of the child or young person with a renal condition (20 credits)
  • Care of the child or young person in a high dependency unit (20 credits)
  • Care the child or young person undergoing haemopoietic stem cell transplantation
  • Fundamental care of the child and young person
  • Gradcert/ PGcert in paediatric intensive care nursing
  • Advanced clinical skills in paediatric ventilator management
  • Paediatric advanced life support
  • See our full list of Postgraduate Courses

Development programmes

These programmes are designed for all different grades, for example Band 6 development or Band 7 development.

We also offer support to help you gain promotion within the organisation with ‘stepping up’ programmes, such as ‘stepping up to a six’ for those Band 5s who are thinking of their first promotion, as well as ‘stepping up to a seven’ and ‘stepping up to be a matron’.

Each development programme has the same themes of leadership, conflict resolution and resilience, and builds upon these themes as you progress through your career.

Internal Transfers

Internal Transfers give you the opportunity to explore a different clinical specialty at GOSH, without the need for undertaking the normal recruitment process.

As long as you have been employed by GOSH for a minimum of 9 months and are not subject to any formal monitoring processes (performance, absence or conduct) then an internal transfer could be your next career step!

An internal (sideways) transfer is an option for the following staff groups:

Band 3 – Healthcare Assistant

Band 4 – Senior Healthcare Assistant / Nursing Associate

Band 5 – Staff Nurse

Band 6 – Senior Staff Nurse/Junior Sister or Junior Charge Nurse

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