As part of your employment at Great Ormond Street Hospital, all Trust doctors are required to have an appraisal, in-line with the Trust’s Appraisal policy.

Appraisals are for setting personal goals. They review personal, educational and job-related achievements. An appraisal is confidential, pastoral and designed to assist an individual to progress. Appraisals should be non-threatening and are conducted in the context of the job.

The below outlines the timeline for completing the different stages of the appraisal process:

Meeting When Forms Purpose Final Action
Stage 1 –Preliminary Within the first 2 weeks of commencing role Preliminary appraisal meeting
Objectives sheet
To discuss areas of experience and educational opportunities.
Agree objectives for the employment period
Agree dates for the next two appraisal meetings. 
To identify any specific needs in the context of revalidation.
Please upload completed document to your Prep portfolio
Stage 2 –Interim 6 months (or middle of the contract if less than 12 months) Interim Appraisal Form
Review and update of objectives sheet
An informal review of progress to date.
Explore any areas of underachievement and agree plan to address.
Discussion and review of objectives.
Please upload completed document to your Prep portfolio
Stage 3 – End of year / annual review (via Prep only) Last month of contract (or annually if contract longer than 12m) End of year Appraisal form
Review and update of objectives sheet
A formal discussion where objectives are reviewed, learning points discussed and a plan for next steps if possible.
Final sign off of appraisal.

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