Ready-to-move Checklist

  1. Do you have GMC Registration with a licence to practise? In order to obtain this, there may be a requirement for you to obtain an acceptable pass mark in IELTS for UK visa and immigration.

a. PLAB route
b. Acceptable Postgraduate Qualification Route
c. Sponsorship by GMC approved sponsor

  1. Do you have a current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) at enhanced level and checked against the Child Barring list?

a. DBS less than 3 months
b. Are you registered with the DBS update service?

  1. Have you considered your immigration status and does this allow you to reside and work in the UK?

a. If you are unsure, please contact medical HR at Great Ormond Street Hospital

  1. Do you have an National Insurance (NI) number?
a. Check if NI number was issued with Biometric Resident Permit
c. A fast track route via Medical HR is possible, please contact medical HR

  1. Have you completed the HR Paperwork?

a. New Starters Form
b. Payment of Monthly Salary Form (This will require an acceptable UK Bank account)
c. Pension Questionnaire
d. Occupational Health Form (An Occupational Health new starters visit may be required by Occupational Health before you commence work)

  1. Have you received confirmation from Medical HR that you are pre-employment check cleared?

a. Please remember that the start date is provisional subject to satisfactory completion of pre-employment check

  1. Do you have a UK or Linked Bank Account?

a. To open a UK bank account you will need a registered UK address, Medical HR can assist with a letter

  1. Do you require Hospital Accommodation?

a. Medical HR can assist with further information

  1. Have you considered the financial maintenance you will require while awaiting your first paycheque? 

  2. Have you downloaded the PGME Events App?

a. iTunes
b. Android

  1. Have you followed PGME?

a. Twitter: @GOSH_PGME
b. Facebook@GOSHPGME
c. LinkedIn: PGME Great Ormond Street Hospital

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