Clinical Simulation Centre

By accurately simulating the clinical environment, we allow teams and individuals to practise, in safety, the technical and non-technical skills required to provide care to sick children within Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and beyond.

Upcoming Courses for External Candidates

26th September 2019 - Compassionate Extubation - £50 for Nurses / £100 for Doctors - Sold Out

7th & 8th October 2019 - When a Child Dies - £100 - Click here

11th October 2019 - CAST - CATS Stabilisation and Transport Simulation Course - £100 - Click here

29th October 2019 - Paediatric Venepuncture & Cannulation - £150 - Click here

13th December 2019 - An Introduction to Simulation Debriefing - £100 - Click here

Clinical Simulation Centre News

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Technology Spotlight: Leadership Cameras

Leadership simulation involves the close observation of one individual’s actions to provide greater insight into that individual’s performance throughout a simulation. This can make for more thorough debriefing and therefore a more effective learning experience for all learners involved, even if only observing.