Wayfinder at the hospital

To help make it easier for patients, families and visitors to find their way around Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), we have developed an electronic Wayfinder system.

The Wayfinder can be found on kiosks in the Main Reception, Variety Club Building and Octav Botnar Wing reception. The Wayfinder will show you a ‘photo-real’ 3-dimensional walkthrough of your journey through the hospital, right to the entrance of the ward or department.

During the journey, the Peter Pan character will appear at key junctions and pieces of artwork pointing out visual features to help you remember your way.

The Wayfinder is a new installation at GOSH and has been developed with the support of GOSH Children’s Charity. Our volunteers are still available in the Main Reception area to help with directions and escorting you to your destination and maps are still available throughout the hospital to help you find your way.

If you have any queries about this project, please contact the Redevelopment Team at Redevelopment.feedback@gosh.nhs.uk

Watch our exciting video of the Wayfinder below.