Zebra outpatients

Zebra is on the first floor of the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (RLHIM) just up the street from the main hospital building. Please go up the metal slope to the main entrance of the RLHIM building then take the lift in front of you to the 1st floor.

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Take a guided tour to Zebra, by watching the video below:

Zebra Outpatients is dedicated to the care of children with a number of different medical conditions.

Who you will meet

Zebra is run by our experienced clinic staff, comprising Clinic Assistants, Health Care Assistants, Phlebotomists, Staff Nurses, Senior Staff Nurses, a Learning Disability Nurse and a Sister.

Many specialty clinics involve seeing a number of clinicians who each specialise in one area – you appointment letter will tell you which members of the team will be seeing your child. Clinicians running the specialty clinics may include Consultants, Fellows, Registrars, Nurses, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Technicians, Dietitians and Physiotherapists.

There is a phlebotomy area on Zebra where your child will go to have blood samples taken for testing in our laboratory. This is run by our Health Care Assistants who are experienced in putting children and young people at ease and taking blood samples as quickly and simply as possible.

Who can help

The following members of staff will be available on the below extension numbers to help you during your visit:

  • Sophie Wills (Sister): ext. 38022
  • Anne Nicholls (Assistant Service Manager): ext. 1598
  • Chantelle Clavier (Matron): ext. 1768
  • Donna Richardson (Service Manager) ext 8423 or 07841 333 823

When you arrive

Please check in at the Zebra reception desk so we know that you have arrived and then take a seat in the waiting area. Most clinic appointments start with one of our clinic assistants carrying out some checks, which usually involve height/weight and urine dipstick tests. Once the clinic assistant has done this, the clinician will come to the waiting area and call your child’s name when they are ready.

Facilities on Zebra

There are 11 consulting rooms within Zebra – split into two sections: clinic A and clinic B – your appointment letter will tell you which area. We also have several interview rooms for confidential conversations or a quieter space to wait. There are toilet facilities within Zebra including a disabled toilet with hoist and also a water fountain and vending area for drinks and snacks. There are also baby changing facilities and a room where you can feed your baby.

The play area on Zebra has a range of activities for children and young people of all ages – it is supervised during clinics by members of the Play team supported by Play Volunteers. Please keep an eye on your child while they are waiting – you are responsible for their behaviour at all times.

Contact information

Zebra outpatients, Level 1 RLHIM
Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine
60 Great Ormond Street
Telephone number: 020 7405 9200 Ext: 5357 or 5698