Alligator Ward

Alligator Ward is one of our Cardiac Intensive Care and High Dependency Units for children and young people needing close monitoring and nursing care perhaps due to their heart condition or following an operation. There are 21 beds on Alligator Ward, nine of which are intensive care beds with the rest as high dependency (HDU) beds. These are arranged in a mix of bays and cubicles.

Children may be admitted as an emergency directly to an intensive care bed in Alligator ward or they may be transferred there after an operation. When children are getting better so no longer need the same level of support, they will ‘step down’ from an intensive care bed to a high dependency bed. Later, they will usually transfer to Bear Ward to continue recovering before being discharged or transferred to their local hospital.


Alligator Ward is on level 4 of the new Premier Inn Clinical Building (PICB), part of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Who you will meet

Alligator Ward is primarily run by our highly qualified nursing team, but also includes consultants, clinical nurse specialist, physiotherapists, healthcare assistants, play specialists, psychologists, dietitians and housekeeping staff. 

  • Matron – Carolyn Akyil
  • Lead Nurse – Barbara Childs


You are a valued member of your child‘s healthcare team and we encourage you to take part in his or her care as much as possible while in hospital.

Meals are not provided for parents, but food and drink can be bought from various places within the hospital and local area. You may want to bring in your own snacks and drinks. Parents are welcome to use the ward kitchen outside of patient mealtimes to prepare these.

For mothers who wish to breastfeed, we provide a dedicated room. We also provide the equipment to 'express' breast milk so your child can be fed through a nasogastric tube, if necessary.

More information

For more information about facilities available for parents, family members, visitors and patients in the hospital, including the Chapel and prayer rooms, hospital school, activity centre and information on where you can eat or find facilities such as launderettes, please visit our Facilities A-Z page.