Stat 5 tyrosine phosphorylation


Stat 5 tyrosine phosphorylation



Clinical indications

Measures signalling via the IL2, 7 or 15 receptors. Will be abnormal if components of this pathway are missing/non-functional (IL2: gamma chain, Jak-3, IL7: IL7Ra). Used as a functional screen of the pathways so that other specific tests can be undertaken after this. Please specify cytokines required

Specimen requirement

2mls EDTA plus a healthy control sample. Please send 1ml extra EDTA for DNA storage

Dispatch and handling instructions

Samples should be less than 24 hours old. This test should only be undertaken under the direction of a Consultant Immunologist/ Senior Clinical Scientist. External referrals must be discussed with Dr Kimberly Gilmour (020 7813 8466) or her deputy and accompanied by a completed referral form (available on website)

Turnaround time

5 days


Not applicable

Is it IS0 15189 accredited?