CD40 ligand (CD154)


CD40 Ligand (CD154)



Clinical indications

Abnormal in X-linked hyperIgM syndrome

Specimen requirement

1ml lithium heparin plus a healthy control sample. Please send 1ml extra EDTA for DNA storage

Dispatch and handling instructions

This is a 2 day assay. Samples sent on a Friday may need repeating if results are abnormal. Where possible send Mon-Thurs only. Samples should be less than 24 hours old. This test should only be undertaken under the direction of a Consultant Immunologist/ Senior Clinical Scientist. External referrals must be discussed with Dr Kimberly Gilmour (020 7813 8466) or her deputy and accompanied by a completed referral form (available on website).

Turnaround time

5 days


Not applicable

Is it IS0 15189 accredited?