Meet the tracheostomy teams

There may seem to be a great many people looking after your child while you are in hospital and after you return home. 

Some people you will meet include:

Ear, nose and throat medical team

They will decide with you when a tracheostomy is required as a result of previous investigations. They will create the tracheostomy under anaesthetic.

Tracheostomy nurse specialist

He/she will probably be your first port of call for any questions you have and will be the main person training you to care for your child’s tracheostomy. He/she will contact your community team, arrange discharge home and offer advice once you are at home.

Ward nurses

They will be responsible for your child’s day-today care and for teaching you to look after your child’s tracheostomy.

Play specialist

They will help you to prepare your child for the operation and will support you afterwards.

Speech and language therapists

They will work with you in managing your child’s communication development and help if there are any difficulties in swallowing. 

Social worker

They are available to see any family who needs practical or emotional support as we recognise that coping with your child’s illness and being away from home can be very stressful. They can also offer help and advice about benefits and other services, financial help during your stay here, and planning for going home. They can liaise with your local social services department, housing department and education services to try to ensure you are receiving the help you need, and that your child’s needs are being met in the community.