About the Quality Improvement Team

What is Quality Improvement?

Quality Improvement is defined as "The combined and unceasing efforts of everyone - healthcare professionals, patients and their families, researchers, payers, planners and educators - to make the changes that will lead to better patient outcomes (health), better system performance (care) and better professional development.” (Batalden and Davidoff, 2007)

Our approach to Quality Improvement

At GOSH, we use the ‘Model for Improvement’ as a framework for developing, testing, implementing and measuring change.

We define Quality at GOSH using the Health Foundation's six factors:

Safe | Effective | Person-centred | Timely | Efficient | Equitable

What do we offer?

Trust-wide improvement projects

The QI Team works to support, enable and empower teams to continuously improve the quality of care provided to patients across GOSH. We are commissioned by the Quality Improvement Committee to provide expert QI advice and support to Trust-wide improvement projects.

See our current and past projects


For those wanting to undertake their own local QI project, we also offer a mentorship programme to support staff with the knowledge and resources to run their own improvement project with support and guidance from the QI team.

You'll take the lead in planning and delivering improvements - we'll provide expert advice, offer training opportunities and support you to use data to measure the impact of your work.


We provide comprehensive training in improvement methodologies and tools to clinical and non-clinical staff across the Trust. This is part of the ongoing support and encouragement we provide to staff who wish to undertake QI projects throughout the Trust.