Clinical guidelines

These paediatric clinical practice guidelines are produced by the staff of Great Ormond Street Hospital to guide and facilitate patient care.


Care of the critically ill child

There are two acute transport services in London which specialise in the inter-hospital transfer of critically ill children. The Children's Acute Transport Service (CATS) serves North Thames and Anglia, the South Thames Retrieval Service serves the South Thames.

Clinical guidelines for the initial management of a wide range of conditions are available on both websites (CATS clinical guidelines, STRS clinical guidelines).

The transport services deploy a skilled paediatric intensive care team to assist in the treatment of critically ill children, both before and during transfer to ICU. They offer telephone consultation, liaison with sub-specialists, and co-ordinate admissions.

They are happy to offer advice regarding the management of any acutely ill child, but do not assist in non-acute transfers.

Contact information:

Emergency referrals/advice: 0800 085 0003

Emergency referrals/advice: 020 7188 5000

Paediatric Sedation

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Guidelines for perioperative fluid management

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