Induction for doctors

The Intensive Care Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital is divided into Paediatric, Neonatal and Cardiac Intensive Care areas. In addition, trainees rotate to the Children’s Acute Transport Service (CATS) and the Intensive Care Outreach Network (ICON). This is a large, dynamic and busy unit and there is a wealth of learning opportunities. We expect you to participate fully in the day to day running of the unit and in the extensive teaching programme. Our belief is that in doing this you will get most out of your time with us.

download our programme (9.0 KB)

This ICU induction page is designed to provide you information regarding our local (intensive care) induction programme. The details of the programme are listed below; please (Excel document, 17 KB) for details of dates for the year ahead.

Unfortunately, although it is a full programme, not everything can be covered in one day. All relevant information is provided by clicking on the links next to each timetabled session. We strongly advise you to have a look through this prior to your start date on the intensive care unit. No further information will be provided on the day.

The induction process is mandatory for all new starters and you must attend all timetabled sessions. Attendance at each session will be recorded and reported to your educational supervisor.

We do hope you enjoy your time with us and learn. If you have any problems or difficulties, we urge you to come forward and speak to one of us sooner rather than later so that we can address any issues and help you through your time on the intensive care unit.

Joint sessions for all PICU/NICU/CCC starters

Venue: ICU Doctors Office (level 4, VCB)
08:00 Welcome & Introduction
08:15 Teaching & Education (ITU training
08:45 Rotas (rota & leave information
09:15 TOMCAT (logging into TOMCAT , how to read a report , guide to adverse events module
09:30 Intensive Care Audit
09:45 Organ Donation
10:00 Appraisal Process (hospital appraisal paperwork ITU educational vision and appraisal , ITU supervisors & nurse buddy list
10:15 Introduction to ECMO
10:45 Meet the Doctor Reps & Coffee
11:00 Continuous Veno-Venous Haemofiltration (Edwards module 1 Edwards module 1 quiz , Edwards module 2 , Edwards module 2 quiz )
11:30 Pharmacy Issues (Zero tolerance prescribing , Vancomycin guidelines , Amikacin guidelines
12:00 Lunch
12:30 ICU Ventilators & Transport Equipment (venue: Vent Tech Office, Level 6, Cardiac Wing). Handouts: Babylog 8000 , Babypac, Evita XL , Novalung Vision Alpha , RESMED VPAP III ST-A ventilator RTX respirator SensorMedics Oscillator , Servo i , VPAP II ST . Registrar TNA Form
13:30 SIM Session (venue: Simulation lab, Level 4, Cardiac Wing)
Split sessions PICU / NICU Starters (venue: PICU doctors hot office)
14:30 Pharmacy feedback
14:45 Unit Orientation, including CareVue system and PACS (PICU-NICU orientation , rough guide
15:10 Role of the Clinicians Assistant
15:15 NICU Issues & Housekeeping (Neonatal housekeeping
15:30 Family Liaison
15:45 General Admin & Digital Dictation, including overview of protocols, folders, obtaining investigation results, discharge summary process , etc
16:15 End
Split sessions CCC Starters (venue: CCC Ward)
14:30 CCC local induction, including unit orientation , rough guide , handover , discharge summary process , unit protocols, CareVue, pacing , post surgery, Cardiac Nurse Practitioners). Other information: lab testing , transfusion guidelines , CCC line policy
16:15 End