Refer a patient to the Long-Term Follow-Up for Childhood Cancer department

This page includes information about how to refer a patient to the Long-Term Follow-Up for Childhood Cancer (LTFU) department at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

How to refer a patient

As a tertiary care hospital, all children who attend GOSH must be referred via local hospital consultants, community paediatricians or, in exceptional circumstances, via a GP.

To contact us to make a referral please fax 020 7813 8588.

Internal referral to LTFU

Oncologists and haematologists at GOSH refer children who have completed treatment for childhood cancer to the LTFU clinic five years after treatment has been completed.

Long term follow up in the joint Haematology and Endocrinology Clinic: Information for young people

External Referral to LTFU

Children and young people who have received their treatment at another centre but have moved nearer to GOSH need to be referred to the LTFU team by their GP or hospital consultant. They will need a complete treatment summary of all their previous treatment with total doses of chemotherapy, details of radiotherapy included. It is also helpful to have information about any previous test results or late complications.

Shared care

Children are assessed in the LTFU clinic by one of the specialists in late effects of childhood cancer. Afterwards long-term follow-up care is often shared with the local hospital in the same way that treatment might have been shared with the local hospital, until the child reaches 16 years of age.


Around the age of 16 to 18 years, young people attend a transition clinic in preparation to move to adult healthcare for continuing follow-up.