Referrals to the Parenting and Child Team

The Attachment and Trauma Team

Referrals for the Attachment and Trauma Team should be sent using our referral form (please see below).

We have a national catchment area and accept referrals from a wide range of professionals including: social services, CAMHS, other mental health professionals, and consultant paediatricians. We are happy to discuss by phone prior to referral. We ask that all referrals satisfy local commissioning arrangements.

We will notify local CAMHS of all referrals and liaise as appropriate.

The referral form can be downloaded below and emailed or sent directly to our administrator.

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The Child Care Consultation Service

Referrals for the Child Care Consultation Team should be sent using our CCCT referral form. The team accepts a broad range of referrals, and has developed specialist expertise and considerable experience in cases involving trauma/traumatic death, factitious and induced illness, sexual exploitation, attachment difficulties and emotional harm related to parent-child interaction. We will provide second opinions on mental health difficulties to inform recommendations for care and treatment.

Referrals must be jointly instructed by all parties.

We are also developing the 'trial for change' extended assessment and intervention programme within the service.

Within our national catchment area restrictions are based mainly on travel considerations. We expect most of our assessments to be conducted at GOSH and by video although we will in some situations travel.

Preliminary enquiries can be made via our team administrator (see Contact us) who can provide a detailed information pack, explaining the information we require in order to consider the referral. Dr Simon Wilkinson will be available to discuss possible referrals on the telephone.

Once we have received a completed referral form we will be in a position to provide an estimate of costs and time frame for the assessment. The Letter of Instruction and legal documents should not be sent until this confirmation has been received.

For details of our current fees please e-mail: