Refer a Patient to the Feeding and Eating Disorders Service

We accept referrals of children and young people from 0 to 16 years of age who have feeding or eating difficulties that are causing significant difficulty, distress or impairment to development and everyday functioning.

We see children with pervasive developmental disorders and autism spectrum disorder, as well as children with co-morbid physical or mental health conditions.

Please note children aged 16½ years or above, at the point of referral, will not be accepted for an assessment. We are unable to accept GP, private or self-referrals.

Please be aware that before you make a referral to our Team, an intervention locally needs to have been tried; for example, local Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service for Learning Disabilities, Dietetics, Speech & Language Therapist or Occupational Therapist as appropriate. Please also ensure that the child or young person’s feeding or eating difficulties are due to psychological issues and not due to developmental delay, structural or medical issues. We also need to have copies of letters/reports/formulation from the local Teams that have worked with them. In addition, please include current growth, weight, and current intake. All referrals must include enough information for us to make a decision about the appropriateness of a Specialist Mental Health Service.

Without the full completion of the Referral Form and inclusion of the above information, the referral will be rejected.


We welcome referrals to the Feeding and Eating Disorders Team for children and young people who:

  • Are diagnosed or suspected of having an eating disorder for example ARFID, Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia Nervosa.
  • Have a significantly difficult relationship with feeding or eating, who may refuse to feed or avoid eating in the absence of any substantial medical cause. This may be due to a fear of eating and/or its consequences. Children and young people may restrict their intake in terms of range of foods and/or overall amount.
  • Have become stuck in their feeding development; for example, remaining on first stage foods. However, this does need to be viewed within the child’s developmental profile and cognitive ability.
  • Are dependent on tube feeding or supplements when this is no longer medically indicated and a local intervention to try tube weaning has not worked.

In addition to the above, there may be concerns around one or more of the following:

  • Weight and/or physical growth and development when medical causation has been ruled out.
  • Health implications associated with their poor nutritional intake.
  • Impact on social and emotional development.
  • The impact on family functioning.

Exclusion criteria:

  • Infants, children and young people with faltering growth presenting with significant physical risk, requiring medical management.
  • Children and young people whose eating difficulties are primarily accounted for by unresolved medical, neurological or structural problems.
  • Children and young people with unmanaged dysphagia (if you wish to consider referring a child with managed dysphagia please contact the Team Co-ordinator).

As a Specialist Mental Health Service we can only accept referrals from NHS Paediatricians and CAMHS professionals.  For children/young people age 10 years and above referred by their Paediatrician it is necessary for the local CAMHS Team to be informed and to be in agreement with the referral.  All referrals must satisfy local commissioning arrangements and we ask that this is negotiated locally prior to referral.  A named local provider (CAMHS or Paediatrics) is needed both for shared-care arrangements and to refer back to for any necessary treatment/clinical management.

We are unable to accept GP, private or self-referrals.

Make a referral

Complete the Food and Eating Disorders (FEDS) Referral Form with this downloadable document. (62.6 KB)

Please send the completed form via email to  or by post to the below address:

Magdalena Lawrence

Service Coordinator
Feeding and Eating Disorders Service
Psychological and Mental Health Service
Level 4, Frontage Building
Great Ormond Street Hospital
London WC1N 3JH