At the end of our assessment process we ask patients to fill out Patient Rated Experience Measures (PREMs), to provide us with honest feedback on the service we have provided. Above are some of the words our patients have used to describe their experience of us.

How well we are meeting our patient’s goals?

We ask young people and/or their parents to set goals that they would like to achieve through the course of their assessment or treatment with us. Goals are rated on a scale of 0-10, with higher scores indicating greater progress towards the goal being achieved. These are called Goal Based Outcomes (GBOs).

Assessment GBOs

Below is a graph that shows the average scores parents allocated to their goals at the start and end of their assessment in 2016. Many parents set goals such as “to better understand my child’s difficulties in order to better support them”. As you can see from the graph, we are very happy to have helped many parents on their way to achieving their goals.