Feedback about the National Centre for High Functioning Autism

Parent feedback

“Being able to discuss in confidence our child's condition. Very kind, patient and understanding specialists. We are very grateful.”

“Positivity of the professionals involved. Kind, helpful, very understanding and patient.”

“Kathryn and the support she provided me with was amazing. She listened carefully to me and took everything on board. For the first time I feel my opinion was valued and mattered.”

“Very thorough and you covered every angle without missing anything out.”

“The whole team who my child were very welcoming, supportive and good humoured, so made the whole daunting process a lot easier. It just felt we were in the right place. Thank you to you all!”

Child feedback

“The staff here have listened to me and considered my thoughts and feelings during the process. Everybody has been really kind and friendly and they have helped me to understand.”

“That they tried their very best to help and it worked very well.”

Professionals feedback

“Thank you so much for your support this year. It has made a huge difference. Thanks especially for being so encouraging and positive during some of our more difficult times. You really helped me to keep going and to keep the others positive.”