Research and publications from the Clinical Ethics Service

At present there are no grants the Clinical Ethics Service are aware of that specifically fund research into paediatric ethical issues in the UK.If any parties would like to collaborate in any areas of research please contact Joe Brierley ( in the first instance.


Developing guidance for pregnancy testing of adolescents participating in research: ethical, legal and practical considerations.

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Premortem interventions in dying children to optimise organ donation: an ethical analysis.

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Adolescent autonomy revisited: clinicians need clearer guidance.

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Training paediatric healthcare staff in recognising, understanding and managing conflict with patients and families: findings from a survey on immediate and 6-month impact.

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Elective ventilation to facilitate organ donation in infants with anencephaly: perinatal professionals' views and an ethical analysis.

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Decision making in long-term ventilation for children.

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UK court accepts neurological determination of death.

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Pediatric Deceased Donation-A Report of the Transplantation Society Meeting in Geneva.

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Making decisions to limit treatment in life-limiting and life-threatening conditions in children: a framework for practice.

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Clinical trials of contraceptive agents in those under 16 years of age: are they necessary, ethical or legal?

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Guidance on clinical research involving infants, children and young people: an update for researchers and research ethics committees.

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Mediation: an approach to intractable disputes between parents and paediatricians.

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A nudge in the right direction for organ donation--but is it enough?

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