About the dual sensory clinic

Many children and young people with difficulties affecting both vision and hearing are currently seen in separate clinics at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) but would benefit from being seen in a joint clinic. The clinic offers a one-stop assessment involving members of staff from both audiology (hearing) and ophthalmology (vision) teams.

We know that children and young people often have balance problems alongside hearing and visual impairment so these are also assessed in the clinic.

As we are trialling this new clinic to see if it meets the needs of children, young people and families better than our current clinic formats, we will start by seeing children and young people with Norrie disease and Usher syndrome – both inherited conditions that affect both hearing and vision.

If the Dual Sensory Clinic proves to be useful for these conditions, we may also offer assessments for other disorders, with input from other specialist teams at GOSH.

If your child has been diagnosed with Norrie disease or Usher syndrome and you are interested in attending our clinic, see our referral information below.

Getting referred 

  • If your child is already a patient at GOSH, please talk to your consultant about arranging an internal referral. 
  • Otherwise, please discuss a referral to the clinic with your family doctor (GP) or local Paediatrician. All referrals should be addressed to Mr Henderson and Dr Pagarkar from the Dual Sensory Clinic. 

Members of the team 

The Dual Sensory Clinic is led by Ophthalmology Consultant Mr Henderson and Audiovestibular Consultant Dr Pagarkar. They are both supported by health professionals from Ophthalmology and Audiology (Brindha Anandandarajah, Anita Wong, Herra Bhutta)