Video transcript

Video transcript of the Welcome to GOSH video with Peter Steer, Chief Executive at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

You can view the video here, or on YouTube.

"Hello, my name is Peter Steer. I'm the Chief Executive here at Great Ormond Street Hospital and I want to offer each and every one of you and your families a very warm welcome to this great hospital.

"I know that coming here can be completely overwhelming, coming to a new place and meeting new staff at an extraordinary stressful time can be really difficult. We want to make it as easy for you and your family as we possibly can.

All of our staff are completely committed to providing you and your family the very best care and service we can possibly provide. Of course that doesn't just apply to the doctors and nurses who will be caring for you but to all staff you'll come into contact with, our teachers, our physios, our porters and cleaners - everybody involved in your care. We want to ensure that our family extends all the help and support when you come to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

"We’ll try and give you as much information that you need at all times but if you’re not sure about what is happening to you and details of your treatment, just ask the people that are around you. We see lots and lots of children, thousands every year, but we’re determined to ensure that every one of you is treated as an individual. We want to ensure you and your family are provided with the best possible care and treatment that will be geared and tailored to your needs and the needs of your family.

So finally, a very very warm welcome to Great Ormond Street Hospital."