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Isotretinoin is a retinoid, which is a type of Vitamin A. It is commonly used for the treatment of severe acne. Retinoids are thought to influence the way in which cells grow and develop, and prevent the production of specific genes that may cause cancer.This page from Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) explains what isotretinoin is, how it is given and some of the possible side effects. 

MIBG scan

An MIBG scan is used to look for uncontrolled or abnormal cell growth in the body. It works by injecting a substance called an isotope into your child’s veins. The MIBG scan is named after the chemical ‘iodine-131-metaiodobenzylguanidine’ or MIBG for short, to which the isotope is attached.

Paul O'Grady's Little Heroes: Episode four

In this episode, Paul meets four-year-old Esme, who spent 11 months at GOSH in need of a heart transplant after being diagnosed with a serious heart condition. At GOSH, Esme has had a number of operations, and was in surgery for 28 hours over a two-week period. 

Paul also meets, Alex (11 months), who was only a few weeks old when admitted to GOSH and a few months old when he had surgery. Paul chats to Alex’s mum and dad, Caroline and Thomas, in the Morgan Stanley Garden about Alex’s surgery to be fitted with cochlear implants.

Finally, Paul catches up with 13-year-old, Amelie, who has juvenile idiopathic arthritis - a rare disease that causes her joints to swell and stiffen.

Paul O'Grady's Little Heroes: Episode one

Paul meets brother and sister, Emily and Luke (age 8 and 5), from North London, who both have cystic fibrosis. Paul also catches up with plastic surgeon consultant, Neil Bulstrode, who talks about how he has helped 13-year-old Mackenzie (pictured above), who is at the hospital to have his ear reconstructed after being born with microtia.

Augmentative Communication Service

The Augmentative Communication Service provides specialised assessment for complex augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems. The service has been identified by NHS England as one of 13 services nationwide offering this service. This will include assessments for devices, provision of equipment and training, maintenance and support.