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Technology Spotlight: Leadership Cameras

Leadership simulation involves the close observation of one individual’s actions to provide greater insight into that individual’s performance throughout a simulation. This can make for more thorough debriefing and therefore a more effective learning experience for all learners involved, even if only observing.

Technology Spotlight: ActivExpression Response System

Secret ballots are a good way to encourage clinical simulation learners to contribute to group sessions without the pressure of potentially giving a wrong answer in front of the group. The Promethean ActivExpression Learner Response System is one way of introducing secret ballots into a clinical simulation education programme.

At GOSH we see patients with over 200 different rare diseases

Rare Disease Day

Today, Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), along with GOSH Children’s Charity and Sparks, joined hundreds of organisations from all over the world in marking Rare Disease Day 2018.

New Artworks Revealed

GOSH Arts unveil a series of extraordinary artworks in the newly opened Premier Inn Clinical Building

Inside the new Premier Inn Clinical Building GOSH patients, families and staff will find a number of exciting artworks that inspire the imagination and make clinical...