Clinical Research Facility High Intensity Inpatient trials

Theme Lead: Dr William van't Hoff

Deputy Theme Lead: Professor Helen Cross

The CRF high-intensity inpatient trials theme supports the set up and delivery of highly complex clinical trials requiring PICU or other inpatients services. Many of our studies are first in child treatments or novel mechanisms of delivery for children with complex conditions and limited treatment options

The NIHR GOSH Clinical Research Facility (CRF) supports this research through the provision of child friendly day-care accommodation and expert support for research into childhood diseases.

The NIHR CRF is the central point of contact for commercial partners looking to undertake clinical trials at GOSH. Over 40% of the studies hosted by the CRF are commercially sponsored.

Please visit the CRF pages on the Research and Innovation pages of Great Ormond Street Hospital website to learn more about: