Public consultation on plans to develop the Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children

During summer 2014 we held a public consultation on our plans to create a new building where scientists and clinicians more accurately diagnose, treat and potentially cure children and young people with rare diseases.

Feedback from the public consultation was analysed and considered carefully by the Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children project team as they prepared an application for planning permission.

The application was submitted in September 2014 and is expected to be considered by Camden Council early in 2015.

Consultation feedback indicated that the majority of stakeholders were supportive of our proposals to develop 20 Guilford Street. Many respondents expressed support for the proposed use of the building and associated benefits to child health, enthusiasm for its design features and recognition of its potential to improve and revitalise the area.

However, there were naturally some concerns expressed by local people about a major construction project and the increased movement of vehicles and people accessing the new building.

The Redevelopment team held a follow-up exhibition on 15 September 2014 at Coram’s Fields to provide an update on the building designs as submitted for planning permission and information in response to this feedback.

The consultation was a valuable exercise to inform the planning application, but communication with our stakeholders doesn't stop here. For details of how you can get more information on our plans as they progress please see how you can have your say.

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