Latest statement on GOSH patient Charlie Gard

27 Jul 2017, 5:21 p.m.

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The latest statement on Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) patient Charlie Gard on 27 July 2017.

A Great Ormond Street Hospital spokesperson said:

"We deeply regret that profound and heartfelt differences between Charlie’s doctors and his parents have had to be played out in court over such a protracted period. It has been a uniquely painful and distressing process for all concerned. Charlie’s parents have tirelessly advocated for what they sincerely believed was right for their son, and nobody could fault them for doing so.

All of us at Great Ormond Street Hospital get up every morning to care for sick children, not to cause further anguish to devoted parents like Chris and Connie. We have tried absolutely everything to accommodate their final wishes and engaged, not only with those who volunteered to treat Charlie, but also with experts from across the health service in close consultation with the NHS to make this happen. This included exploring the unprecedented step of delivering intensive life support away from a hospital intensive care unit.

Sadly, as the judge has now ruled, there is simply no way that Charlie, a patient with such severe and complex needs, can spend any significant time outside of an intensive care environment safely. The risk of an unplanned and chaotic end to Charlie’s life is an unthinkable outcome for all concerned and would rob his parents of precious last moments with him.

As the judge has now ruled, we will arrange for Charlie to be transferred to a specialist children’s hospice, whose remarkable and compassionate staff will support his family at this impossible time. This is a very special place who will do all they can to make these last moments as comfortable and peaceful as possible for Charlie and his loved ones.

Great Ormond Street Hospital would like to reassure everyone who has followed this heart-breaking story that we always put the best interests of every single one of our patients above all else. While we always respect parents’ views, we will never do anything that could cause our patients unnecessary and prolonged suffering.

The priority of our medical staff has always been Charlie.

Our doctors and nurses have worked tirelessly and done their utmost for him in the months he has been in our care. Every single one of us wishes that there could have been a less tragic outcome.

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to Chris and Connie, and we hope that their privacy is respected at this devastating time for their family."