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Inquest of Amy Allan

Following the inquest into the death of former patient Amy Allan and the subsequent Preventing Future Deaths report given to Great Ormond Street Hospital, Chief Executive Matthew Shaw would like to outline how the hospital is learning from this and what action has been taken to address the concerns that have been raised.

How retinal laser treatment saved Lucas's eye

Two-year-old Lucas, who features on Paul O'Grady's Little Heroes, travelled from Belfast in Northern Ireland with his mum Caitlin and dad Johnny, arriving at GOSH for specialised retinal laser surgery on a detached retina, caused by a rare eye condition called Coats’ Disease. Here his mum Caitlin shares their story. 

Chien Wong: Taking a closer look at surgical retinal disease

Meet Chien Wong, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Chien is a consultant eye surgeon at GOSH, with a special interest in surgical retinal diseases in children. He leads the de facto UK national centre for retinal detachment in premature babies at GOSH. Here he explains his role in paediatric ophthalmology and his treatment for patient Lucas, who features on Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes. 

Understanding Noah’s nephrectomy

Jelena Stojanovic is a Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist, meaning that she is dedicated to improving the care of children with renal disease and related conditions. Her specialisms include transplantation, liver and kidney conditions and renovascular hypertension. Here she shares how she planned treatment for Noah's Alagille syndrome, who appears on Paul O'Grady's Little Heroes.