Meet our little heroes

Read about the incredible patients and families who feature on Paul O'Grady's Little Heroes and learn more about their journeys at GOSH. Make sure to check back each Thursday to read the latest stories for each episode!

Episode 1


Reagan, aged 15, has scolosis and has had a posterior spinal fusion to straighten the curvature in her spine. On Paul O'Grady's Little Heroes we follow her having surgery and her recovery. 


Gavriel has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). He and is younger brother Josh, who doesn't have the disease, are on an innovative AI body suit trial to help understand how mobility is affected in boys with DMD. 

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After banging his knee whilst playing at home, five year old Daniel began struggling to walk and he was diagnosed with a rare type of arthritis - juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). His mum Rosemary shares their story and how Daniel has benefited from his treatment at GOSH. 

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Episode 2


Ten-year-old Oscar was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome and functional neurological disorder last year by the Tourette syndrome clinic at GOSH. Oscar started having vocal and motor tics, but then began to have anxiety episodes where he would drop to the floor. His mum Suzanne shares how therapy has helped him overcome his anxiety.

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Joe, aged 15, needed surgery to correct and replace a section of his aorta. To plan for the operation, surgeons created a 3D model of Joe’s heart and used virtual reality technology to examine the site of the procedure. 

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Episode 3


Taylor-Rose swallowed a button battery when she was aged one, and was referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for specialist surgery to remove it. This procedure features in Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes, after a culmination of months of visits to doctors, A&E and GOSH. 

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Noah looks at camera


Six-year old Noah has a rare genetic condition called Alagille Syndrome, which affects around one in 100,000 children from birth. It affects lots of different parts of the body, including the heart and liver, but the biggest concern for Noah is how the condition is impacting his kidneys.

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Lucas in hospital


Two-year-old Lucas, who features on Paul O'Grady's Little Heroes, travelled from Belfast in Northern Ireland with his mum Caitlin and dad Johnny, arriving at GOSH for specialised retinal laser surgery on a detached retina, caused by a rare eye condition called Coats’ Disease. 

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Episode 4


Cora, aged 6, received injections of botox as part of a research study to reduce muscle stiffness for her cerebral palsy

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Oliver at 5 months old came to GOSH for surgery to correct his cleft lip. His mum Hannah shares their journey and how they are getting involved with research into cleft lip and palate. 

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Episode 5


Seven year old Oliver was diagnosed with a rare form of juvenile arthritis. His mum Michelle shares their story and physiotherapy journey. 

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Romeo became a patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) when he was just two hours old, after being born with a very rare and complex heart condition. With difficult decisions ahead, Romeo's mum, Donna shares how the GOSH Palliative Care team have supported their family.

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Rue, 17, has Neuromyelitis Optica, a rare autoimmune condition affecting 1 in 5 million people. Rue is taking part in a clinical trial to see whether a new drug can help reduce relapses that occur in her vision. 

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After 12-year-old Noah told his mum Georgina that he was worried about the shape of his back, a hospital check-up showed his spine had twisted due to scoliosis. An MRI scan later revealed Noah’s scoliosis had been caused by Chiari malformation, a condition where the cerebellum at the base of the brain migrates downward through foramen magnum. 

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Episode 6


Learn more about Lucy, who has undergone surgeries to correct the 'plumbing' in her heart. 

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Conor and Jules laughing on a bench


Conor, aged 14, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at four years old. He recently underwent a bone marrow transplant. On Paul O'Grady's Little Heroes we meet Conor during his time on the isolation ward. 

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