NHS 75th Anniversary celebrations at GOSH

7 Jul 2023, 10 a.m.

A close up of blue and white bunting outside the GOSH main entrance

The NHS turned 75 on the 5th July. Take a look at how we celebrated at GOSH and said a big thank you to everyone in the incredible GOSH family.

A nurse in blue uniform holding a small brown dog in a blue coat

Our staff members were paid a visit by some of our therapy dogs for cuddles.

Two children each holding a postcard

GOSH families and staff wrote postcards about what GOSH means to them at the GOSH Charity desk.

Tom Bright with his mum Karen, and surgeon Professor Spitz on a rooftop garden

Former GOSH patient Tom Bright returned to GOSH to be reunited with his surgeon Professor Lewis Spitz. He performed his song Remarkable Things for our staff members. Read more about Tom’s story here.

Black and white photo of an operating theatre being set up with 7 members of GOSH staff

We took a walk down memory lane with the GOSH Archivist. Take a look at some of our key moments over the last 75 years here.

A board at a tube station with 'Happy 75th Birthday NHS' written on it. On either side of the board are 2 members of the GOSH Charity team smiling.

A big thank to GOSH Charity who helped spread the word of the anniversary at Russel Square Tube station.

Scroll through some of our favourite snapshots of the day below:

Launching our Patient Safety Incident Reporting Plan (PSIRP)

Today, GOSH has launched its new Patient Safety Incident Reporting Plan (PSIRP). This plan outlines how we as an organisation will look at patient safety incidents.

Conjoined twins Marieme and Ndeye feature in new documentary

Conjoined twins Marieme and Ndeye feature in new documentary

GOSH main entrance has now moved

The main entrance on Great Ormond Street is now closed and the new entrance can now be found at The Morgan Stanley Clinical Building, on Guilford Street. This is the best entrance for most people with an appointment or admission in the main hospital.

Planned industrial action at GOSH

Unions have announced that industrial action will be taking place at a number of hospitals in the coming months. This may include some staff at GOSH.