Meet our wonderful volunteers

1 Jun 2022, 10 a.m.

Our volunteers play an important role at the hospital. Working alongside staff, they make our patients and families feel looked after.

Today, we're celebrating National Volunteers Week. It's a time for us to learn more about our volunteers and say a huge thank you for their commitment to making our patients and families feel welcome.

Read on to meet some of our wonderful volunteers below.

Meet Clare and her partner, Sid

I’ve been volunteering at GOSH for three years and I’ve recently become a Therapy Dog Handler.

I’m here with Sid, a lively Cocker Spaniel, who does an amazing job and really lifts the spirits of patients and staff. It’s a really rewarding role to have, and I absolutely love it. We have a great time when we come in seeing everybody.

I’d always wanted to volunteer at GOSH. I’ve always wanted to visit the Hospital and when I left my previous job, I was pleased to have the chance to come to GOSH and volunteer. It’s been amazing and it’s probably one of my favourite things I do in the week. I absolutely adore it.

I’ve had some amazing experiences with patients, and I hope that I’m making a small difference to people. It’s really nice to be able to bring a smile to someone when they’re having a tough time. If I can do that on a Tuesday, I’m really happy.

A full body photo of Clare and her therapy dog Sid.

GOSH Volunteer and her Pets as Therapy dog, Sid

Meet Clare

I have been at GOSH for five years. For a couple of those, I was working on the wards, but during the pandemic, I’ve been down in reception volunteering. My daily talks involve showing patients and staff where to go in the building.

My two daughters are grown up now, so I decided to volunteer at GOSH as I had some spare time on my hands. I have loved it ever since.

A photo of volunteer Clare against the fish art wall in the hospital's reception.

GOSH Volunteer Clare

Meet Alison

I have volunteered at GOSH since 2019, working in and out during the pandemic. I work as a Guide and a Team Leader as part of our Tuesday team. I am based in the Hospital reception, showing families around, looking after them and making their days a little easier by helping them to reach their destination quicker. I also work one day a week in the Volunteer’s Office helping to manage the database of volunteers.

I decided to volunteer at GOSH as I have two young daughters myself and working here really resonated with me as I wanted to work with children.

I find it really rewarding and I’m proud to be a volunteer here at GOSH. It’s lovely when the families acknowledge that we’ve made their day a little better.

GOSH Volunteer Clare outside the hospital entrance

GOSH Volunteer Alison

Meet Marcia

I trained here at GOSH as a student nurse from 1968 – 1972 so it’s really nice to be able to give something back. I used to be a volunteer for Young Epilepsy, but when the pandemic hit I could no longer volunteer there so I became a guide at GOSH instead.

It’s amazing to be able to give back to the hospital and to somewhere that means so much to me.

GOSH Volunteer Marcia in front of the large digital screen in the hospital entrance. Marcia is wearing the yellow uniform of the GOSH volunteers and a mask.

GOSH Volunteer Marcia

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