Host a Play Date for GOSH Charity

20 May 2022, 4 p.m.

GOSH Charity Play Date with a photo of kids playing in a field

Host a Play Date this July and raise money to help fund our amazing Play team. Learn about GOSH Charity's upcoming event below.

What's a Play Date?

Play has always been a vital part of a patient’s care at GOSH. It helps a child feel in control, calm and informed every step of the way. It also allows children to be children during what can be a difficult and worrying time.

GOSH Charity has long been a great advocate of play. Now it hopes to spread the word – and the fun – even further with GOSH Charity Play Date.

You can host your Play Date at home, in a garden, at school, at nursey or at a local club on a day of your choosing.

Eleanor and Jennie playing at GOSH

How do I fundraise with a Play Date?

You encourage your Play Date guests to make a small donation to join in with the fun!

Sign up to host a Play Date and you’ll receive a free fundraising pack complete with stickers and a collection box, as well as QR codes to direct your guests to your bespoke fundraising page.

There’ll also be bunting, invitations, colouring in sheets and more available to download to help host your Play Date.

Why should I host a Play Date?

Each donation from your Play Date will support our hospital's dedicated Play team. Funded by GOSH Charity, the team includes 48 play specialists and play workers. They help children make sense of their treatment and recovery through techniques. Some of these techniques include role play, drawing and practising procedures on toys.

Learn more about our Play Team's work on their Instagram:

GOSH Charity opens new family accommodation

We have two new parent and carer accommodation complexes, established with the support of GOSH Charity partners. Just ninety seconds from GOSH, they provide parents and carers of one of our patients with a free place to stay.

Supporting families through difficult times

Last year, Hannah, one of our intensive care nurses, supported a family through an incredibly difficult time in their lives, when their daughter Margot sadly passed away 24 hours after she was born...

Henry: our animated festive hero

This year, 4-year-old Henry and his family will be home for the festive season, having spent Henry's first two at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). As part of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity’s Christmas campaign, enjoy our film.

The Power of Play

Great Ormond Street Hospital’s expert Play team knows play can help children cope with whatever life throws at them. They've teamed up with GOSH Charity to share expert play tips and resources with parents across the UK.