GOSH website - new improvements

25 Nov 2019, 3:23 p.m.

Devices showing the GOSH website homepage

If you’ve browsed our website (gosh.nhs.uk) recently, you may have spotted a few changes.We’ve given the website a fresh lick of paint in the last week in terms of a new

  • colour palette
  • larger and more readable font
  • engaging icons which illustrate our key content areas
  •  'submersible' in the foot of the website – (see if you can spot our little submarine)

Clearer font – easier to read

One of the key improvements is the larger Frutiger font we’ve used across the website. This is vital for our users who view our site on a mobile phone or tablet device. We hope reading our content is a much-improved experience. We’re really keen to gauge your views, so do please drop us a line at social.media@gosh.org to let us know what you think. Or if you’re on the site there’s a blue feedback button you can click on the right hand side to send your instant views.

Happy browsing.

Tying the knot at GOSH

Sometimes, love just can't wait. Our team on NICU came together to make the dreams come true for two incredible parents. Peata and Ash were married on Alligator ward, with a very special best man at their side.

GOSH study reports most symptoms of severe COVID-19 in children are resolved after six months

Scientists and doctors from GOSH and UCL GOS ICH have reported that, despite severe illness, most children who had PIMS-TS after contracting SARS-CoV-2 infection had their symptoms resolve after six months.

New insight into when CAR T is effective against childhood leukaemia

Scientists studying the effectiveness of CAR T-cell therapies in children with leukaemia have discovered a small sub-set of T-cells that are likely to play a key role in whether the treatment is successful