GOSH to share Electronic Patient System with The Royal Marsden

4 Aug 2021, 9 a.m.

Two nurses with a computer

We’re pleased to announce that Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust have signed an agreement to share a single electronic patient record system (EPR).

Transforming Care with Technology

In 2017 we introduced Epic as our patient record system at GOSH. This was a big undertaking for the hospital but has transformed the way care is delivered to our patients. The benefits of Epic become especially clear during the pandemic, where it has helped us to deliver the best care for our children and young people often remotely.

In September 2020, GOSH became the first hospital in the country to achieve the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Stage 7, which measures a hospital’s digital maturity.

The introduction of Epic to GOSH was supported by investment from the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Given how beneficial our EPR has been to everyone at GOSH, we are pleased that we’re now going to be supporting The Royal Marsden to share our Epic system. The platform will be based on our GOSH Epic system, and we will work in partnership with The Royal Marsden on all future developments to the system.

What are the benefits for GOSH?

There are lots of benefits for GOSH. First, we’ll be able to go above and beyond what we were planning to do by way of developing Epic and do it much faster. Secondly, The Royal Marsden is a like-minded organisation with a strong track record in research and innovation. We’ll be sharing skills and expertise to benefit patients at both Trusts and opening ourselves up to new and exciting research opportunities and collaborations. Finally, the partnership will also save money that we can invest back into GOSH and our patients.

What are the next steps?

Whilst the development takes place, our existing analysts will continue to focus on optimising Epic for GOSH. New analysts will implement the system at The Royal Marsden with both teams benefitting from cross-over and shared learning. The Royal Marsden will start the project this August, with a planned launch date of March 2023.

Our EPR team has been working really closely with colleagues at The Royal Marsden on the business case for this partnership and we’re pleased to say this has now been approved.

“No one at GOSH can imagine life without Epic now and it’s transformed our hospital for the better in the couple of years it’s been in place. We’re really looking forward to working even more closely with another innovative organisation like the Royal Marsden in a way that will benefit even more patients.”

Matt Shaw, CEO of GOSH

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