GOSH to launch mentorship scheme with Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation

30 Apr 2024, 2:04 p.m.

The new Great Ormond Street Hospital Entrance on Guilford Street. A large glass covered building now decorated with floral artwork.

Great Ormond Street Hospital is proud to partner with the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation to launch the Healthcare Opening Pathways to Equity (HOPE) Initiative.

The scheme will provide four years of mentorship and support for young people from marginalised and underrepresented backgrounds who have shown exceptional promise and interest in pursuing careers in medicine and healthcare.

Once launched, it will pair students who are about to begin their GCSEs with a consultant at GOSH, who can help guide them through aspects such as application processes and provide support as they decide on a career in medicine.

This scheme will build on the work of similar programmes already run through the GOSH Learning Academy, such as the Young Visitors’ Programme, which aims to encourage young people to learn more about a career in healthcare.

'Stephen's dream was to make a difference'

Jessica Neil, CEO of the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation, said: "I am immensely proud to announce our partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital.

“This initiative is about more than career opportunities—it's a commitment to nurturing potential, aligning it with opportunity, and actively investing in the journey towards greater equity in healthcare. As we reflect on the future of Stephen’s legacy, 31 years after his death, it’s essential that we keep the very essence of who he was at the heart of our efforts. Stephen ran a mini marathon in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital. Today, we honour his life through this partnership, which stands as a tribute to his remarkable legacy. Stephen's dream was to make a difference—through this collaboration, we continue to advance that dream, making strides towards a more equitable future in his memory."

Simon Blackburn, Co-Director of Education at GOSH, said: “We’re so pleased to be part of this important partnership. Our patients and our profession will benefit from increasing diversity in the medical workforce, and this is one small contribution we can make to help achieve this.”