GOSH PLACE assessors needed

Once a year, in every hospital in England, Patient Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) happen. You get to rate everything from how clean the floor is to how tasty the jelly is! We are looking for patients, ex-patients and parents to inspect us on 23 October 2019.

What we'd like you to do

We are looking for patients, ex-patients and parents to inspect us on 23 October 2019.

We want you to assess ‘basic’ aspects of care and treatment at GOSH by visiting wards, outpatient departments, and even areas outside the hospital

These ‘basics are’ 

  • Is it clean?
  • Is the food edible (as far as hospital food can be)?
  • Is everything working and in good repair?
  • Do we protect your privacy?
  • Can those with disabilities use the hospital? E.g. are there ramps for those in wheelchairs

On the day of the inspection you will:

  • Arrive at GOSH at 9am
  • Make a team with other patients/ parents. You will have members of staff to help you get around and make sure you don’t get lost!
  • You are given a list of all the wards/ areas in the hospital and YOU get to choose which ones you want to visit
  • You are given the list of questions and off you go!

What happens after PLACE?

All the assessment and feedback forms are typed up, analysed and the data is combined with all the other hospitals. We then take actions as a result of the findings from the day.

Important things to know

  • Some areas of the hospital are not included in PLACE for patient safety e.g. operating theatres, hospital kitchens
  • You will be given regular breaks, toilet stops and a longer break for lunch
  • You will be provided with drinks, snacks and lunch on the day (in addition to the meal-tasting on the wards)
  • PLACE is not about scoring clinical care or staff behaviour
  • GOSH can provide letters to your schools /colleges if you would like to attend on the day

Interested in being involved? Get in touch or find out more information by contacting: Anna.AleixesSoares@gosh.nhs.uk