GOSH hosts first-of-its-kind career event

15 Nov 2023, 11 a.m.

Educators from GOSH speak across the table to local students, with a table of materials between them.

We're thrilled to share the success of our recent careers event, the Kickstart Above and Beyond Career Roadshow – a first-of-its-kind initiative by an NHS Trust!

This unique event spotlighted 15 specialisms from GOSH across one day. Our team offered local students a first-hand look at diverse professions in the NHS, beyond the well-known professions of doctors and nurses.

They encouraged students to interact with the training dummies and equipment, ask questions, and explore potential career paths in a safe and supportive environment.

We created dedicated time slots throughout the day, so different school groups could have a tailored learning opportunity.

Thanks to over 60 members of staff providing their expertise, we reached students from local secondary schools, the largest college network in London, and students from Unity Works, a local charity supporting people with a learning disability to gain skills, qualifications and jobs.

It's been wonderful to hear the positive reviews from students and teachers alike.

Michael from Unity Works, said: "All of our young people had a brilliant experience in interacting with all the staff from across the departments of the hospital, the feedback that I have received from staff members and clients alike has been really positive!" -

Nicola, from a local college, said: "It was a great way for the students to interact with NHS professionals and ask lots of questions.  They had a lot of fun too!"

Thank you to everyone at GOSH who made this event possible. We couldn't have done it without the Pharmacy, ICT, Science, Allied Health, Apprenticeships, Psychology, Medicine, Post Graduate Medical Education (PGME) teams, and the fantastic students from GOSH.

Here's to another roadshow next year!

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