GOSH and Roche UK partnership using AI to bring personalised healthcare to children

16 May 2023, 10 a.m.

Illustration of future digital tool to support personalised care for children

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) and Roche UK have partnered to harness the power of data by co-developing digital tools.

This can uncover better ways to care for children and young people with rare and complex diseases. You can find out more about our 5-year vision in the animation below.

Our collaboration will develop the use of cutting-edge technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable better use of data that is routinely collected in treatment to improve care at GOSH and beyond.

With new diseases constantly evolving and gold standards for treatments changing, innovation is a process of continually driving forward to keep up. It’s important for the NHS and industry to co-develop solutions so that data can most effectively improve hospitals and patient care.

Alexandra Holland, member of GOSH’s Young Persons Advisory Group on research

While this partnership does not involve any sharing of patient data, new digital tools will allow data to be harnessed in secure and novel ways in the future. This will optimise the development of innovative new treatments for rare and complex diseases to bring them from research labs to patients more quickly.

We have a huge amount of experience and information that can help us to find new and better ways to diagnose and treat patients and run our hospital. But we need new tools to harness the power of this data. Our partnership with Roche will help us do this by enhancing our data capabilities and infrastructure.

Professor Neil Sebire, Chief Research Information Officer at GOSH DRIVE

This first-of-a-kind collaboration also aims to develop a better understanding of how the NHS and pharmaceutical companies can work together. Roche UK will provide funding and staff to work closely with GOSH’s Data Research, Innovation and Virtual Environments Unit (GOSH DRIVE). All projects undertaken within the partnership are conducted within GOSH’s secure digital research infrastructure and no patient data is shared between the organisations or outside of GOSH. All intellectual property will be owned by GOSH, and the projects’ methodology and findings will be shared openly according to best practice to accelerate learnings across the NHS. We believe this approach will help break down existing barriers to the rapid uptake of new technology across the NHS.

Like GOSH, we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure patients have the best possible experience and outcomes. Through our collaboration, we can show how the NHS and pharma can work together to develop technologies that optimise the use of data already collected within the NHS to deploy real world applications that deliver benefit to patients and health systems.

Richard Erwin, General Manager at Roche UK

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