Former GOSH patient celebrates wedding day at GOSH

6 Jun 2023, 10 a.m.

Bride and groom holding hands in the GOSH chapel.

Lucy was a patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and did her nurse training with us. Last month, Lucy and her partner, Kevin, celebrated their wedding and had a blessing in the GOSH chapel. 

Lucy’s story

Lucy was diagnosed with a brain tumour, called a glioma tumour, when she was three years old. She was monitored at GOSH and remained under our care until she turned 18.

Inspired by her care at GOSH, Lucy trained to be a paediatric nurse. As a part of her training, Lucy had her first placement at GOSH. Here, she worked on the ward she was treated on when she was an inpatient at the hospital.

I cannot remember a time when GOSH wasn’t in my life... I have never wanted to do anything but be a nurse and to train at GOSH was a real privilege.


Today, Lucy is a paediatric nurse, and cares for children and young people in London.

Bride, Lucy, and Chaplain, Dorothy, entering GOSH

Photo by Emma Chandler photography

GOSH prayers of blessing

On their wedding day, Lucy and Kevin had prayers of blessing in the GOSH Chapel.

To share such an important place with Kevin on our wedding day will be very special.


The blessing was performed by GOSH Senior Chaplain and Deputy Head Chaplain, Dorothy Moore Brooks.

It has been a privilege to be able to say “yes” to this request from a former patient and student nurse.

We know that GOSH makes a difference every day to is patients and their families but is has been inspiring to hear how Lucy’s care at GOSH lit a spark to her becoming a nurse herself.

As chaplains, we feel honoured when we are invited to share in the highs and lows of people’s lives at GOSH. It is therefore wonderful for me to be able to celebrate with Lucy and Kevin and pray for them in the beautiful setting of St Christopher’s Chapel before they head off for their wedding ceremony itself.

All of us at GOSH wish Lucy and Kevin the very best!

Dorothy Moore Brooks, Senior Chaplain and Deputy Head Chaplain at GOSH

Our Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care team

Our Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care team play a key role in supporting people through some of their most difficult, stressful, or confusing times.

The team – made up of members from different faiths – provide support through listening, talking, praying together, or simply just being there. They are available 24 hours a day for all staff, patients and families and are there for everyone, of any faith or none.

The multi-faith team also ensure there are quiet places open at all times for reflection within the hospital. These include St Christopher’s Chapel, the Muslim Prayer Room, the Shabbat Room, and a non-denominational space too.

The chaplaincy service is funded by GOSH Charity as part of their ongoing support of patient, family and staff wellbeing.

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