‘Banksy’s ‘Game Changer’ on display at GOSH

27 Feb 2023, 9 a.m.

Banksy’s ‘Game Changer’, which celebrates NHS staff, has gone on display at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH). 

The painting, depicting a child choosing to play with a nurse figure over Batman or Spider-Man, has been loaned to the hospital and will be on display for families and staff to enjoy.

A painting depicting a child choosing to play with a nurse figure over their other toys. The child is kneeling and holding a nurse figure wearing a cape in the air. To the right a Batman and Spider-Man figure are in a toy box. The painting is in black and white apart from a red cross on the nurses uniform.

Photo Credit: © Christie's Images / Courtesy Christie's Images

About the artwork

The painting was originally gifted by Banksy to University Hospital Southampton in May 2020 during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then, it has been sold by Christies, the proceeds of which will be used to support staff and patient wellbeing at University Hospital Southampton, as well as a range of NHS charities.

It has now been loaned to GOSH and will be displayed for five years.

Why is 'Game Changer’ on display at GOSH?

We are incredibly lucky to have staff that go above and beyond every day. We are grateful for the loan and proud to display Banksy’s tribute to the NHS, which celebrates the amazing NHS staff across the UK.

At GOSH we champion the role of art in hospitals through our dedicated programme, GOSH Arts. ‘Game Changer’ adds to the collection of over 300 art pieces already on display in the hospital building. This collection, alongside our live arts programme, helps create more uplifting spaces, less clinical environments and contributes to reducing stress and anxiety for our patients, their families, and staff.

Learn more about our dedicated Arts programme.

Can I visit the artwork?

The painting will hang within the hospital, and is available for all our staff, patients and families to enjoy.

As the artwork is within the hospital, unfortunately it’s not available for public viewing. We ask that members of the public respect the privacy of our children, young people and their families, and do not enter the hospital site unless they have a clinical appointment.