Children's Nursing OSCE Preparation Programme for International Nurses

A simulation of a child wearing a mask in a hospital bed. A medical professional has their hands on either side of the simulated child's head.

Our Children's Nursing OSCE Preparation Programme provides training to prepare internationally trained nurses to undertake the Nursing and Midwifery Council's Objective Structured Clinical Examination, or the NMC OSCE, which is part two of the Test of Competence to be eligible to register with the NMS as a Children's Nurse. The programme will help you to successfully prepare for completing the NMC OSCE.


Our ten day training programme is delivered through a combination of self-directed and virtual learning, and face to face classroom time. This provides you with the opportunity to learn through classroom teaching, hands on role play for clinical stations and mock examinations. Before your programme starts, you will gain access to GOSH GOLD where you will find key resources and materials to help you complete your self-directed learning to prepare for your course. Throughout and beyond the programme, you will be able to access a wealth of resources and materials to help you with your learning and successfully complete your NMC OSCE.

The topics covered in the programme are spread over ten days and include:

- Introduction to the Children's Nursing OSCE Preparation Programme

- NMC Code and 6 C's

- OSCE Testing Process

- Communicating with Children and Families

- Paediatric Early Warning Scoring (PEWS) System

- Individual Sessions Dedicated to the APIE Stations: Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation

- Skills Stations and Skills Practice

- APIE Practical Run Through Sessions

- Mock OSCEs

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

- Understand the OSCE and its importance for gaining registration as children's nurse with the NMC

- Understand how to prepare for the OSCE and have a deep understanding of the individual stations of examination

- Understand the NMC Code and how to put it into practice

- Gain awareness of the six Cs in nursing

- Undertake the NMC OSCE for Children's Nursing

There will be no formal assessments as part of this course. There will be an opportunity to submit work you complete within your own free time for the instructors to mark and provide feedback on.

The course fees are £1,000 per candidate.

This course runs frequently with a new intake each month.

Start dates for 2024:

- 1 May

- 3 June

- 1 July

- 1 August

- 2 September

Please contact us for more information. We will respond within five working days.

Please contact us via email and we will send you a booking form to complete.

Please note, this is a request and we will be in touch to confirm the course details for your candidate(s), or to discuss your request further.

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