MRCPCH Examination Excellence Training (MEET)

The MRCPCH Examination Excellence Training (MEET) course is aimed at all those preparing for the MRCPCH clinical exam.

The day will be divided into 2 sessions. If you are planning to attend both sessions, please try to attend Session One in person at GOSH so that you are on-site ready for Session Two in the afternoon. Lunch will be provided for those attending the whole day.

Session One (0845-1200)

This will be hybrid (online and in person) and will cover the exam format, content and approach for the communication, history, video and development station. The session is interactive with opportunity for candidates to participate and hone their skills in a supportive environment.

Session Two (1300-1545)

This will take place in person at GOSH and will focus on the clinical station. Candidates will have the opportunity to practice examining patients in groups of 3-4 and receive feedback from tutors on the following 5 clinical stations: abdominal, respiratory, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and neurology.

Pricing structure:

Clinical Teaching Fee per session
MEET (Session One) GOSH (Non-training) - £80
External - £120
MEET (Session Two) GOSH (Non-training) - £160
External - £230
MEET (Session One and Two) GOSH (Non-Training) - £190
External - £310