Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some frequently asked questions from our parents/patients and our previous candidtates: (please click on the group you fall under)

How will Parents/Patients be contacted? 
We will contact you via telephone in the first instance to ensure you are happy to proceed. Following this, you will receive a letter of confirmation and further information about the day. We will also send a reminder, via email and/or text message. 

What activities are available for my child(ren) on the day? 
We have a member or two of the Great Ormond Street Hospital, Play Team on hand to help keep children entertained, throughout the exam. We understand it can be challenging keeping children busy through what may seem like a long day to them and strive to ensure all children feel welcomed and comfortable.

What will happen to my child on the day?
The clinical examinations are just like an ordinary clinic: I expect you are used to those! Your child(ren) will be examined by a senior doctor or consultant, who will remain in the room at all times as they assess the junior doctors who will be carrying out their assessments.

Two or three junior doctors will examine each child: we try to keep the numbers as low as possible so that patients are not too bored or stressed. Each child will receive a gift voucher as a small thank you and a certificate

What to do if my child would like to take part?
You can complete the form in useful links and send it to us. Email us: or call us at 0207 405 9200 ext. 0477.

Will my child need to need to stay for the whole duration of the exam? 
We would appreciate it if you could stay for the duration, however, we understand that this is not always possible and so you are able to leave, we just ask that you inform us before you do. 

Will my child and I receive reimbursement for our travel?
Yes. Please retain your receipt for the day if taking the train. If you are using an Oyster card then we kindly ask that you ensure you retain your top-up receipt, which cannot be more than 24hrs old. If you are travelling by car we are able to work out your reimbursement based on the mileage you travel. 

What if my child needs an interpreter?
If you require an interpreter, please do let us know at the initial point of contact, so we can arrange this for you. If you forget, please do not worry. We must, however, have 72 hours’ notice.

Who do I contact if my child’s details change?
Please get in touch with the team via

How do candidates sign up?
Candidates can sign up via our Participant booking page or by contacting

Is lunch provided for candidates?
Unfortunately, lunch is not provided for our examinations.

What should candidates bring to a virtual exam?
You will need a pen/pencil and some paper.

What platform will the exam be held on?
The exam are held either face to face or online.

Do candidates need anything in preparation for the exam?
You will need your Identification with you on the day of the exam. We accept passport or driving license.

I am a candidate who is not very tech-savvy, will I need to know how to navigate zoom for this exam?
Should the exam be online, PGME will move you around the circuit. You will only be required to log in initially.

How will candidates examine patients, if the exam is virtual?
You will be played a video of a patient, signs will be visible.

Do candidates need a webcam for this exam?
You will need both video and audio enabled on your computer in order to take part in online exams.

If candidates need help/ have a question during the exam, what do they do?
You can ask the examiner within your room or press the ‘ask for help’ button