Undergraduate Nurses

Undergraduate Nursing

Training our undergraduate nurses

Located in central London, GOSH offers you the chance to train at one of the world's leading children's hospitals.

With the widest range of paediatric specialities in one hospital, and a bespoke teaching curriculum, your placement experience at GOSH will be completely unique.

Our extensive undergraduate education programme and dedicated team of undergraduate practice facilitators will help you develop the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to succeed in your training. While on placement with us, all of our undergraduate nurses benefit from the following:

Unique clinical experience

With the widest range of paediatric specialities in the UK, our undergraduate nurses develop their experience in a unique clinical setting.

Placements take place within a range of departments including Cardiorespiratory, Critical Care Services, Immunology, Cancer, Infectious Diseases and Laboratory Medicine, Medicine, Diagnostics and Therapeutic Services, Neurosciences, Outpatients, Research, Surgery and International and Private Patients.

Supporting our students

Our priority is to ensure that all of our undergraduate nurses are well supported. Our friendly and dedicated team of undergraduate practice facilitators will help you get the most out of your placement with us. The health and emotional wellbeing of all our nurses is treated with the utmost importance and we provide an extensive wellbeing curriculum and support network specifically designed for undergraduate nurses, which is facilitated by the undergraduate team.

The undergraduate practice facilitator team at GOSH is available to all undergraduate nurses throughout every placement and they are unique in that they are the only undergraduate practice facilitator team in the NHS dedicated to paediatric nursing students. This means that our undergraduate nurses have protected support time that is guaranteed throughout their placement experience and training.

All of our undergraduate nurses are allocated a practice assessor and supervisor who will supervise, assess and support them while on placement, as well as the opportunity to access peer support through fellow students, through weekly forums and teaching, allowing them to reflect on their experience and support one another.

Nursing and Patient Experience Teaching Curriculum

Our Undergraduate Nursing and Patient Experience Curriculum is a bespoke 3-year training pathway which is benchmarked against the NMC code of conduct, the NMC standards for proficiency and the Capital nurse framework for Preceptorship.

This curriculum is designed to reflect the students learning at university and to provide students with the required knowledge, skills, and capabilities, at each stage of their training to become safe, competent, and confident practitioners who are ready to successfully transition onto the NMC register and into their career at GOSH

The curriculum is framed around GOSH Always Values and is inclusive of different learning styles and aims to cater to additional educational needs. Each year have learning outcomes, which are tailored to their stage of learning and which are assessed via a multifaceted approach which ensures they have the knowledge, skills and capabilities required to be successful and meet the expected learning outcomes.

Nursing and Patient Experience Teaching Wellbeing Curriculum

Our Wellbeing curriculum is designed to help and support undergraduate students in developing their emotional resilience. Using group activities and facilitated discussion in a safe and supportive environment ,students are encouraged to be open and honest about their experiences within clinical practice, so they can seek peer support and advice.

Our group activities help them to develop effective coping mechanisms which support them to further develop their workplace resilience. Self- reflection is encouraged through every session, to help students to achieve the best out of themselves whilst at work. Students are provided with regular access to a professional nurse advocate and the undergraduate education team.

NPE Placement Inductions

Our inductions have been designed and tailored to effectively orientate Undergraduate students into the trust. Through these inductions, we set trust expectations and ensure all our new students have the knowledge, skills and capabilities required to be clinically safe and successful in their placement with us.

PAPS Support

Our undergraduate breakfast club is designed to provide staff with a regular safe space in which they can drop in and seek support from the undergraduate team for common student issues in clinical practice. It will serve staff on both nightshifts and dayshifts, gain access to timely support, and advice, so they can appropriately manage these issues in clinical practice.

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Find out how you can become an undergraduate nurse at GOSH.

We offer placements to pre-registration children’s nursing students in a variety of high quality clinical settings. Placements at GOSH are available to students at any of our partner universities:

  • Buckinghamshire New University
  • City University
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • King's College London
  • Kingston University
  • London Southbank University
  • University of Surrey
  • University of West London
  • Brunel University

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Absolutely amazing, amazing support, amazing staff. Very friendly, great learning opportunities and just an overall wonderful place to work! Had a wonderful time, absolutely devastated to not be coming back for another placement.

Loved every second of this placement and I am sad it went by so quickly! Each and every member of staff was so lovely, making me feel comfortable and part of the team since my first week.

It was very reassuring to know that you have the Student Facilitator team who can support you and guide you.

No matter how busy it is the nurses make time for learning opportunities.

Elective placements for students

Elective placements for students

Thank you for your interest. Our Electives for this academic year have closed.

We will open up our survey for elective requests in September 2024 for 2025.

Interested in applying for an elective placement with Great Ormond Street Hospital?