Newly registered practitioners

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Newly registered Practitioners at GOSH benefit from a unique education pathway, approved by Health Education England (HEE), that is specifically designed to support their continued clinical development and enhance their workplace wellbeing.

The Graduate Team support newly registered nurses, nursing associates and Operating Department Practitioners.

A perfect blend of personal and professional development

Graduate Programme: Years 1 & 2

At GOSH, all of our newly registered practitioners are entered into a graduate programme. This includes a 12-month Preceptorship Programme which includes a bespoke orientation week, Trust and ward inductions, a two-week supernumerary period (3 months on ITU areas), ward experience, an identified preceptor, IV study days, Conflict Resolution Training, BLS+ training and a 4-day Preceptorship Programme. This is accredited, and those participating will earn 20 credits at level 6 or 7.

The second year of the Graduate Programme is focused around advanced knowledge and skills and is overseen by the senior operational team. This course is designed to continue support for our newly registered pracitioners, as well as standardise their education pathway. This course include the Student Assessment qualification, preceptor qualification, as well as other content surrounding quality improvement, career progression and revalidation.

In their third year, our newly-registered nurses are given the opportunity to undertake their third year graduate programme, coordinated by the operational team.

Our extensive newly-registered practitioner education programme is designed to:

  • Build confidence and provide a robust peer support network 
  • Enhance professional career development through clinical and non-clinical skill development 
  • Provide a springboard for revalidation 
  • Provide a regular check in opportunity with neutral but knowledgeable facilitators 
  • Support and develop their wellbeing, resilience and emotional intelligence 

Look at the schedule of our graduate programme: 

NRN schedule for website.pdf

Preceptorship helped me find my feet in my first job. The team were so supportive

Home groups

During the preceptorship programme our newly-registered practitioners will have access to home groups. These small groups are set up to provide a safe space for our practitioners to reflect on what they’ve learnt, and provide a neutral and safe atmosphere to discuss challenges and celebrate achievements. The home groups uphold the HEE Preceptorship standards and provide a regular peer support network.

Having opportunities to meet regularly with other newly registered nurses and having protected time to reflect together and with a member of the team has been invaluable

A dedicated team of practice facilitators

Our practitioners are supported by a dedicated team of practice facilitators. The team are on hand to provide professional support, facilitate learning opportunities and help our nurses develop into confident and competent practitioners.

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