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Preparing a child for a procedure or treatment can be an anxious occasion. Great Ormond Street Hospital have produced a number of factsheets to help explain what will happen and what to expect.

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Ajmaline provocation test

This page explains about ajmaline provocation tests, what is involved and what to expect when your child comes to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for the test. An ajmaline provocation test is carried out to diagnose a specific condition called Brugada syndrome.

Alveolar bone grafts

The alveolus is the part of the bone that holds our teeth. The alveolus is made of alveolar bone. Some people with a cleft lip and palate can also have a cleft defect of the alveolus, where there is a gap in the alveolar bone. They sometimes also have a hole in the roof of their mouth which connects with their nose. This hole is called a fistula.